Celebrate your corporate party in the best 3 star hotel at the lowest price

Some office parties are amazing while others are such a nightmare. You need to decide which party you want to throw for your office colleagues this year.  New Year is a one and only annual event of your office that you never want to escape but what if your office grants you the responsibility of organizing an annual party. It is a hectic task, right?

Economical hotels in delhi.jpg

I think it is one of the toughest tasks to organize any party. It becomes a responsibility to throw a memorable party for your office colleagues. The first and obvious thing which you need to take care about is food and drinks. Choose the best hotel which has lip smacking food as well as imported beverages. But I can understand it is very tough to choose a place where you can enjoy an amazing party with your office colleagues. But don’t worry, with a lot of research on Google I found that one of the best budget hotels in Delhi is the Hotel Arpit Palace, where you can organize a successful party with your friends and office colleagues.

Things you should take care while organizing an office party

Managing any event is a great experience for everyone, but without planning it is impossible to throw a successful party. You need to plan all things before 10 days of the party because holding and organizing an event suddenly in not possible. So

Here are the tips which you should follow and have a successful New Year eve with happy colleagues.

  • First of all, set a budget for your party and assemble an event planning team to handle different work.
  • Make a list of audience, which you want to invite in your party and prepare a beautiful invitation and send it through mail or text.
  • Pick a date, time and venue first and it is very important to visit the party site first and check all the services (catering, activities, volunteer management, beverages, dance floor, etc.) which you require in a party.
  • Create a tagline, design a logo for your party and give your party a brainstorm name which gathers attention.
  • Plan a menu of food and drinks, which you want to add to your party.
  • Provide your party attendees some giveaways to thank them. You can also provide your products to your attendees; it is a great marketing technique and will not be costly.

By following these simple tips you can actually make your party memorable for your party attendees. If you want to organize your party in the budget, then one of the best hotels in central Delhi is the Hotel Arpit Palace, which is a budget 3 star hotel. One can easily plan their office party with all amenities at this place. Crossroads Bar and restaurant is the best place in The Hotel Arpit Palace if you want to throw a budget party. They have special imported whiskeys available at the best price. One can also organize their office meetings in the Hotel Arpit Palace, it is considered as one of the top economical hotels in Delhi, with all amenities.  


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