Star rating of a hotel as per amenities | 3 star hotels in delhi

Today I will clear some doubts of people by explaining them star ratings of hotels. If you are looking for a 3 star budget hotel in Delhi, then you may face some difficulties to find it. Delhi have 5/4/3 star hotels and it’s your choice to choose them according to your budget, but first let me tell you how are stars decided for hotels so that you don’t get confused over the quality and value of the hotel.

3 star hotels in Delhi

Ratings for hotels in India are given by The Ministry of tourism, Government. of India. So, let’s find out, on what basis government decides hotel ratings.

Five Star Hotel

5 star hotels are known for the highest level of accommodation and services. They provide a high degree of professional services like 24 hour reception, doorman service or valet parking, swimming pools or Jacuzzis, mini bar, personalized welcome, 24 hour food & beverage services, 24 x 7 room service, 5 star dining, spa, exquisite menus, playing area, fitness centers or gym, garage parking, concierge, world class suites with all facilities and much more. One more thing they are actually very costly.

Four Star Hotel

They are mostly large hotels with beautiful reception area. Four star hotels provide services like well-furnished rooms, fitness center or Gym, 24 hour lip smacking all types of food & beverage, doorman service, 24 x 7 room service, pools, 24 x 7 In-house travel desk, hygienic environment, etc. The hotels are costly.

Three Star Hotel

These hotels provide accommodation at a good price. They are located at the location which convenient to reach. They are medium sized hotels which provide amenities like 24 hotel room service, reception, doctor on call, presidential suites, Maharaja Suites, well furnished rooms with all amenities, food and beverage, etc.

central delhi hotels

Which one you should choose

If you are looking for a budget hotel with best amenities then go for 3 star hotels because they provide the best facilities at a budget price. One of the best 3 star hotels in Delhi is the Hotel Arpit Palace. If you want accommodation in the hotels in central Delhi, then choose the Hotel Arpit Palace, which is a trusted as well as budgeted hotel.They provide nice facilities at very low cost.


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