What Consumer Really Wants in a Hotel?| ‘Economical Hotels in Delhi’

Hello readers, in my last blog I have written about how the location plays important role while choosing a hotel. Hotel industry has been developed at the rapid speed and you can found hotels of all the types at the every corners of the city. But not all the hotels are up to the mark and provide what your really want. Hotel Arpit Palace is one of the best 3 star hotels in Karol Bagh, which is an ideal hotel for your stay.


When we go to stay in any hotel, there are many things that we expect from the hotel staff and facilities they provide. Here I will mention some basic expectation of the guest from the hotel.

•    safety should be first priority

No one can afford any compromise with their safety in the hotel. We all want proper lock system in our doors and windows. Proper camera surveillance in lobby, parking lots, restaurant, etc.

•    Friendly behavior of hotel staff


How doesn’t wanted to be pampered and cared by the people. Consumers feel very happy when they found that hotel staff is behaving so nicely with them and always be ready to help and serve them.

•    proper care of cleanliness


We all would love to stay in the hotel, if they provide cleanliness all around, in your room, bathroom, lobby and all the areas.

•    provide full information

Usually people say in hotel, when they don’t belong to that particular city and come from out of the station places. They needed some information regarding that place which they seek from the hotel help desk and reception.

•    Lavish food providing restaurant


Food is the necessity for all of us; we want to have food of delicious taste and on correct timing. Hotels food service always attracts guests to stay their whenever they come to that place.

•    All the comforts in the room


To make our stay comfortable and cherish able, we need luxurious room with all the facilities.

Which hotel should be chosen for comfort stay?

All the points that we discussed above are some of the general expectation we have with the hotel in which we stay. If any hotel is unable to provide such basic things at the affordable prices to you, then you should not consider that hotel as an option. Hotel Arpit Palace is leading the list of budget hotels near Connaught Place and everyone’s favorite for its commendable services to its guests.

Reff : https://goo.gl/aC8U93


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