Cheap Hotels in Karol Bagh | How Stars Describe The Type of Hotel

Hello readers, in my previous blog we have discussed why to visit best location hotel in Karol Bagh, as location plays an important role while choosing or staying in a hotel. Hotel Arpit Palace is one of the top hotels in Karol Bagh, who provides the commendable services at the most reasonable rates. It is the famous 3 star hotel in the Delhi that is everyone’s choice for luxurious stay.

Luxurious Stay In Karol Bagh

Now you all must be thinking, what is this star concept?  How to classify hotels on the basis on stars they have? Let’s find the answer for all such questions.

Hotel star ratings:

•    1 star hotel
These types of hotels fulfill the budget needs of the guests. They render normal accommodation with the budget price. Environment is not of standard and facilities will be limited with simple meals. Hotel reception may not be operated 24X7 and the hotel room service is not proper.

•    2 star hotel
These offer some more facilities than one star hotel. They fulfill the basic needs of the guests such as- clean rooms, washrooms and food.  Everything is just average here.

•    3 star hotel
If you want to visit the hotel that is not only affordable but of luxurious as well, 3 star hotels are the one that you are searching for. They render excellent amenities with the average scale of rates. The accommodation here is up to the mark. Hotel Arpit Palace is the top 3 star hotel in Delhi.

•    4 star hotel
They offer superior quality of amenities with heavy charges. Services here are of high standard but the prices are too high for the common people to afford.

•    5 star hotel
They top the list of all the ratings of the hotels in both aspects- services and charges. They offer flawless guest services and matching the international standards.

Best 3 star hotel to stay

Hotel Arpit Palace

Don’t get tempted with the false promises of hotels; choose the one that provides exactly what they said. If you are searching for the best 3 star hotel which provides extra ordinary services at the most affordable ranges than Hotel Arpit Palace is the ideal place for you. It is one of the leading budget hotels near Karol Bagh metro in Delhi that is famous among all the visitors for its luxurious and home like environment.

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