Things That Make Any Hotel Great to Stay.

If we are travelling, then we all want a good hotel in best price and amenities. People generally ask ‘what is the best hotel for accommodation in Delhi?’ Searching a hotel is a very complex process for everyone. We need to pay attention to every detail to make our stay comfortable as well as less expensive.


If you are looking for more at the best price, then you can take accommodation in the central Delhi or nearby places. There is a hotel named the Hotel Arpit Palace, which is one of the best Budget hotels near Gangaram Hospital and Connaught Place. There are few things that make the Hotel Arpit Palace a great hotel to stay in budget.

 Let’s find out the things, which make Hotel Arpit Palace great to stay.

  • Services

Whether you are on holiday stay or celebrating something special a good service is the first thing which you deserve. The hotel not only has a cooperative staff, but they will do anything to make your stay comfortable. At the Hotel Arpit Palace, they assured you to give best service promise with a highly educated staff. In addition, they have 24×7 services which make your stay more comfortable.

  • Amenities

I personally love little stuff which makes my stay outstanding; these stuffs are like free Wi-Fi, 24×7 reception, food, bar, TV, tea coffee maker, mini refrigerator, etc. The hotel Arpit Palace keeps your small requirements in their mind and provides important offer to you without charging you extra. Their lobby, rooms and bathroom is clean and fresh. If you are planning to organize a meeting in a hotel then you can book their conference rooms which are specially designed to accommodate your confidential meetings. These things make them different from other hotel and restaurants.

  • Location

Location is the key for every restaurant. It is important to stay in a hotel which is near to where you need to be. The Hotel Arpit Palace is located in central Delhi near metro station, markets, railway station and airport. It is located few steps away from the metro station, so if you want to make your travel cheaper and convenient then you can travel in Delhi metro which is connected to whole Delhi.

I prefer to stay in the Hotel Arpit Palace, which is one of the cheap hotels near Gangaram Hospital and surrounded by all important facilities. These are the small things that separate the Hotel Arpit Palace from the good to the great.


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