Cheap Hotels in Central Delhi | Budget Hotels in Karol Bagh


Staying in a hotel is fun, right guys? Do you know there are a lot of inside secrets which you must know, when you book a hotel room. Being a part of administration department of one of the best Cheap Hotels in Central Delhi , I always come with new topics to save your money and make your stay comfortable.

Things about a hotel you do need to know

  • You pay commission to online travel agents

When you book a hotel room through an online travel site, you always pay their 15-25% slice of fees. These online agencies might guarantee you the lowest price, but the offers can be narrow and cost cutting, if you go straight to the source.  Get rates and discounts only offered by the hotel itself. On online travel agencies, you cannot bargain, so it is better to book rooms directly from the sources and avail special discounts. Always call the hotel directly and book a room for best rates.

  • Hotels offer freebies

Things like toiletries, slippers, bed sheets and towels can be partially replaced. These stuffs are absolutely free and you can ask for them to replace because used towels, slippers and bed sheets can be harmful to your health, so it is better to replace them to avoid severe infections. Remember that hundreds of people pass through an average hotel room, so ask the hotel room service politely to clean your room and bathroom properly.

  • Tip the housekeeper and you will get better room services

Housekeepers are the lowest paid among all, so leaving a tip for the room service provider is the nice way to supplement their income. You will also get better room service, if you pay them an extra amount. Leave a small amount of tip under the pillow and write a note clearly who it is for, so the housekeeper knows it is for him or her.

  • Booking in the last hour can give you better deals

I personally recommend you to book a hotel in the last hour directly from the source. If the place is not full, you often get better deals and discount on rooms. One can score a lower rate by making reservation of rooms after 6 PM because rooms are more expensive in the morning. Call the hotel department in the evening and make the reservation in the evening to cut your extra cost and save money.

How to get the best deal when you check in?

It’s better to book a room directly with the hotel to get the best deals. One of the best Budget Hotels in Karol Bagh, which can give you better amenities at the lowest price, is the Hotel Arpit Palace. You can book the room directly from the hotel website and enjoy special discounts. The hotel is filled with amenities and convenience. You can even book a room at last hour in the Hotel Arpit palace and save money.


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