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We all are aware about the basic rules of staying in a hotel room, such as not sealing the shampoos, bathrobes or disturbing your neighbors late at night. Today we are going to tell you some rule of staying in a hotel room for your own sake. We would like to recommend some activities which you should avoid while staying in a hotel room.

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What not to do in a hotel?

Scroll down below to know the list of don’ts for your next hotel stay. Don’t miss these points, if you want to be a sophisticated tourist. Here are the rules to travel by:

  • Yell at the hotel staff

Whether the problem is big or small, don’t yell at hotel staff because they are members too and are not always aware about the situation. They are here to help you and solve your problems. Don’t treat them like servants, it will destroy your image and make you look arrogant.

  • Reveling the room number

We want to advise you, not to reveal your room number to anyone. There is no need to broadcast the world, where you are staying because it can be a security risk for you or your family.

  • Using remote without washing hands

A lot of people touch the TV remote without washing their hands. Do you know, it is the most germ ridden item in your room? So, either wash your hands or sanitize it right after using the remote to avoid germs.

  • Shine your shoes with a hand towel

Do you know shining your shoes with a hand towel ruin it?It’s such a waste and disgusting behavior to clean the shoes with a hand towel. I suggest not ruining the towel, it is such a bad behavior.

Staying is hotel is great, but make sure to avoid these four points specially. Always book a room in a trusted hotel like Hotel Arpit Palace. If you want to accommodate in cheap hotels in Central Delhi, Hotels in karol baghthen the Hotel Arpit Palace is the best option for you. You can enjoy your holiday in this 3 star hotel at an affordable cost.


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